• Amazing

    smallworlds (4)

    Miniature People In A Big World

    Street artist Joe Jurate (Joe Iurato) from New Jersey , creates original small human figures made ??of wood, which, after coloring resemble real people, only in miniature version. After...

  • Funny

    wellfuck (19)

    “God Dammit” Situations

    A.K.A: goddammit Phrase used to ask god to damn something, usually a situation, and it in no way means that you want to damn god, only a retard would...

  • Nature

    greenlake (14)

    Underwater Meadow

    In Austria, there is an amazing place – Grüner See (Green Lake). From August to April – it`s a green park with paths, benches, green meadows, bridges over streams.But...

  • Art


    Corpse Beaded Skulls

    Great beaded skulls created by Our Exquisite Corpse in collaboration with the Huichol people of Mexico.

  • Other


    The Most Enduring Images Of The Year 2012

    Here is a selection of the most enduring images of 2012.